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The Benefits of Being a Joint Venture Apprentice

Let us explain more about how an extra 50% of Net Profit Per Deal you can EARN every month can quickly and easily become a reality for you.

As you know, we are a real estate investing solutions focused company. This joint venture apprentice program is designed with on purpose in mind, to duplicate the buying, managing, and selling of properties, and the great thing about what we do is that we're able to help a lot of people in the process.

That is WHY we need YOU! We need someone like you who is willing to learn our system of buying, managing, and selling properties. We provide the training, support, the paperwork, access to funding sources, access to private lender database, tools, strategy, collaboration, teamwork, network, branded marketing materials and creditability kit.

By purchasing properties fast at a reasonable investor discount, we can help save a homeowner:

  • Agent Commission. This amounts to thousands of dollars.

  • Repair Costs. We buy all houses in as-is condition.

  • Time to Show the House. No need to schedule multiple showings every week and have their house ready on-demand.

  • Negotiation Process. This can typically take days or weeks as offers and counter-offers are communicated through agents. We make a firm win-win offer and close fast.

  • Stress. We can typically put a house under contract within 24 hours.

  • NO Closing Costs Policy. We always offer to pay all the closings costs including partial lien payoffs. 

We create solutions where everyone wins. We're the perfect option for many people, but we live in a large area and we need help finding these people!

That's where you come in!

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Little Risk.. High Reward..

Our JV apprentice program is simple. Once your fully vetted and an approved joint venture apprentice, you'll be trained to work directly with seller, gather information, upload into our systems, complete the property inspection, get bids, and you will work with us to get the house under contract and you'll be procuring cause of quickly resell it for a profit.

 At close, you'll earn your JV apprentice 50% profit share split on the net proceeds. We're looking for you to use our systems, train with us at NO COST and begin buying, renting, and selling one to three deals per month. 

We're looking for single-family homes, town homes, condos, ranches, industrial, mobile homes, or commercial properties. By being a JV apprentice and closing just one property per month, you could profit share depending on the deal between $5,000 up to $30,000.00 depending upon the type of deal and your efforts to make it happen. * Individual results will vary from person to person.

We are going to train you and mentor you through each deal on a deal by deal basis. There is no cost for training! On each deal that you complete, we split those deals 50/50.

This is a perfect opportunity for part-time or weekend work, and if you're interested in learning real estate investing there is no better way to start. In fact, many full-time investors started out being a JV apprentice just like this!

We believe real estate investing is an extraordinary path to financial freedom, and the knowledge you gain from working with us and learning the mind of the investor could be the first step toward your OWN financial freedom!

Simply complete the application at the bottom of this page.

Join Us Now!

Why Become a Apprentice Right Now?

There are several reasons to join our JV Apprentice Program and start buying and selling properties today with us:

  • You don't need any prior experience. No real estate background necessary, having a real estate license is helpful but not required. Regardless of your age, gender, race, or experience, you can be successful on our team. 

  • You can start in your spare time. Your schedule is completely flexible and determined by you. Feel free to work around your current employment hours and personal obligations. If you can commit a minimum of 10 hours a week, you will be successful as long as you follow the directions.

  • You can gain hands-on real estate investing experience. The best way to learn is by doing! We're happy to share our knowledge and experience whenever possible. The key to any business is you.  You have to treat this like a business and not just a hobby.  You'll gain real hands on experience only if you are active in your business. 
  • You have the opportunity to help people. This is one of the primary reasons we're in this business. You have the opportunity to join us in helping people find a fast solution for troublesome personal or financial situations.

  • You can find out if real estate investing is for you. Many people think that just buying books, tapes, and discs will give them the fundamental working knowledge to be a successful real estate investor.  Less than 1% of the population can read a book and be successful on their own. 

  • You can start earning money quickly. Unlike typical jobs, you don't have to go through a long interview process. Just fill out the form below, pass a national background and credit check, and begin training within a few days. 

  • It's relatively easy. We provide you with everything you need to know. Just follow the recipe!

  • There's truly limitless earning potential! This essentially means that how much you make is up to you!


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